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Cisco’s Eavesdropping Apparatus

In response to what it terms its “customer’s needs,” Cisco will start to embed “lawful interception” capability into its router products. [C|Net News.com] What’s really going on here is that the convergence of packet-switched and circuit-switched networks is accelerating. So the law enforcement community is no longer content to give the Internet and ISPs a […]

Ballmer Says Linux is “Cancer”

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, once again on an anti-open source crusade, now […]

Was It All a Joke at AOL?

SEC Probing More AOL Advertising Deals [TechNews.com]. The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating “millions of dollars of advertising deals” involving America Online that “go significantly beyond the scope of problems already disclosed” by AOL Time Warner Inc., sources familiar with the probe said yesterday. What this suggests is that even during the “bubble” years, […]

No Fly List

Threat Levels

EPIC has released documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act showing that the government has established a “No Fly List” of suspected terrorists.

Problem is, TSA doesn’t compile very accurate information, so as BusinessWeek Online reports, once you’re on the list it’s impossible to get off. The System That Doesn’t […]

Internet Security Index

So cybersecurity risks are increasing. Wow, what a surprise! RSA Unveils “Internet Insecurity Index”. Sort of like the 5-minutes-to-midnight clock that the scientists used on nuclear proliferation. We may never get there, but it’s a good way to scare folks into action.


WorldCom is Dead

So Bernie’s fiasco is finally over. They’ve taken his ranch and now are mothballing his corporate name. It’s just a shame that the once-proud MCI brand will apply to the sad remnants of such a sordid band of scum. [Washington Business Journal]

WorldCom made it official Monday morning. It is dumping the WorldCom name and […]

Suing Spammers

America Online on Tuesday said it is filing five lawsuits against individuals and companies that are allegedly purveying bulk unsolicited e-mail, or spam, to its members. America Online Sues Spammers [CNET News.com]. Boowah! Spam is destroying the Internet’s real killer app, e-mail, by forcing users towards filtering software that kills the good unsolicited messages along […]

Browser Wars Redux

Apple Adds Features to Safari Browser [CNET News.com]. Apple Computer this morning released an updated beta version of its Safari Web browser as part of a reported effort to “distance its software environment from Microsoft’s.” Apple says that:

Safari offers you a superior Web experience with outstanding performance. Even the most complex of pages load […]

WiFi No Shows

Starbucks and T-Mobile have made a big push to establish 802.11b “hot spots” around the country, but so far no one is buying! That’s perhaps not unexpected, since Wi-Fi is still somewhat of an early adopter technology, but the extremely small take rate — just 25,000 out of 22 million Starbucks customers — is surprisingly […]