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Apple & Antitrust

Psystar claims Apple’s restrictions on third-party hardware makers violate U.S. antitrust laws. Mac Clone Maker Psystar Plans Antitrust Suit Against Apple [InformationWeek].

Woah, that’s absolutely ridiculous. A manufacturer cannot “monpolize” the market for its own products, and whether or not Apple’s refusal to license Mac OS X is a good business strategy, the Sherman Act […]

The Net Changes Nothing

So if Howard Dean and MoveOn.org mastered online contributions and bogs, Barack Obama has shown that he doesn’t get social networking. One For Actual Journalism: Barack Obama VP Pick Fails To Arrive First Via SMS And E-mail [paidContent.org]. The idea was that Obama and his self-styled new politics would go viral through Web technology and […]

Blaming the Dead

I almost forgot about this little FBI fiasco from last week. Seems as if, seven years later, our wonderous federal forensic cops finally fingered the culprit in those Anthrax mail attacks against the Senate. Problem is, the perp committed suicide weeks ago. So the FBI’s “case” basically amounts to assertions that Bruce Ivins, a scientist […]


Lawyer Who Paid Rent of Edwards’ Mistress ‘Shocked’ to Learn of Affair [ABA Journal-Law News Now]. Yeah, sure. Although I have no reason to doubt Fred Baron, this sounds suspiciously like Captain Renault (Claude Raines) in Casablanca. (”I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here! “) Indeed, I am truly […]

Political Hiring

So the Department of Justice has concluded that its Office of Legal Counsel and related hiring practices under President Bush broke civil service laws in favoring applicants with political connections and conservative political credentials. But they refuse to do anything about it. Justice Dept. Issues a Callback [washingtonpost.com].

"Where there is enough evidence to charge […]

A Bureaucratic Farce

That’s what Andrew Orlowski of the UK’s The Register calls Friday’s decision by the Federal Communications Commission to cite Comcast for unlawful violation of "network neutrality" principles. One can agree or disagree with the proposition, endorsed by FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, that Internet users should be free to reach any site without interference by their […]