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What Larry Doesn’t Get

I have tremendous respect for Prof. Larry Lessig of Stanford — developer of the Creative Commons license, author of Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace and a strong open-source software advocate. One of his most famous essays, from early in the Internet era, was titled “What Declan Doesn’t Get.” But Larry is also a dreamer, […]

This is Really Disturbing

The offense happened two years ago, but the consequences are only now becoming reality. Ex-Judge Disbarred for Using Penis Pump During Trials [ABA Journal]. The judge, who entertained himself while presiding over capital murder prosecutions, saw his pneumatic proceedings came to an end after a police officer heard the pump’s distinctive signature during a case, […]

Reality for Real

Wow, I’ve […]

There Is a Law

A great headline out of Australia. It’s the Law: Men Do Fewer Chores [Sydney Morning Herald]. But the story is actually that because the Aussie Federal Sex Discrimination regulations offer “an inadequate level of protection for men against discrimination on the basis of family responsibilities it provides a strong disincentive for men to take on […]