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This is Change?

Technology has fundamentally changed the way we interact, do business and make political decisions over the past 15 years. And yet now, after an historic election, the Luddites are saying that technology has no place in government. According to the New York Times, on taking office as president in January, Barack Obama will be forced […]

The First Thing We Do Is…

Well, this has got to take the cake. The official trade rag of the legal industry — a notorious technology backwater for decades — is publicizing the wonders of the Internet social networking phenomenon Twitter. And that’s not all. More Attorneys Tweet in Twitterverse [ABA Journal]. Of course, being lawyers they take credit for the […]

Been There, Done That

Alright, so more than 80% of Silicon Valley's 150 largest publicly traded companies have employees holding underwater options. Everybody's Underwater In Silicon Valley [AlleyInsider.com]. It's happened before, just eight short years ago (2000-03), and that did not deter innovation or investment. Markets are cyclical and sometimes even good companies, especially before positive EBIDTA, cannot maintain […]

Regulators In the Valley

Another great title (and incisive post) from my friend and client Drew Clark at BroadbandCensus.com. I suppose the reaction in Silicon Valley to folks saying they’re from Washington, DC and are “here to help” may just be slightly more favorable going-forward. FCC Chairman Kein Martin’s Incredible Silicon Valley Wi-Fi Adventure. Well done!


Advice or Ostriches?

The lawyers at WilmerHale are undoubtedly excellent. But this "advice" is hardly new or newsworthy. Washington Lawyers' Advice to Silicon Valley: Don't Sit on Sideline [SiliconValley.com]. 

I've been representing high-tech companies, start-ups and VCs on technology policy issues for more than 15 years, including many many heavyweights — starting with Netscape at the dawn of […]