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Turn it UP!

There are lots of ways paternalistic regulation chafes against liberty and personal freedom, from helmet laws to consumer protection statutes. They personally drive me absolutely crazy. What business is it of government if as an individual one chooses to engage in “risky” behavior? Since I am paying (yes, a LOT of money) for my own […]

Remastered Masters

I am waiting, ostensibly patiently, for arrival of the complete collection of The Beatles music on newly remastered digital CDs. It is a little odd, though, since the group pioneered so many innovative recoding techniques in the analog realm. This performance of Revolution from U.S. television will have to do for now.

Free Speech, Now That Speech is Free

Speech is indeed effectively free in the age of YouTube. So that does undermine the scarcity argument traditionally used for the (now-defunct) “fairness doctrine” and the like. But some conservative pundits, like Gordon Crovitz in the Wall Street Journal today, argue this makes political campaign contribution limits both obsolete and unconstitutional. Why Campaign Political Speech […]

Can’t Buy Me Love, But Friends for Sale

The Australian company uSocial is selling Facebook friends to corporate customers for marketing and advertising purposes. Not enough Facebook friends? Buy them [Reuters]. Now I agree that it can be difficult for brick-and-mortar businesses to generate a loyal online social media following. But that really is no excuse for transforming the truly social act of […]