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The Law of Social Media (Part III)

[Part I of this series of essays can be found at this permalink, Part II at this permalink].

3. Trademarks, Genericide & “Twittersquatting”

Let’s assume, for purposes of discussion, that social media content — not limited to Tweets — cannot be trademarked. Whether that is correct will be ultimately determined, at some point, by a […]

The Law of Social Media (Part II)

[Part I of this series of essays can be found at this permalink].

2. Who Owns User-Generated Content?

Who owns user-generated content (UGC) posted to social media sites? This is but one of the many vexing issues presented by the emerging law of social media, albeit one of great interest to users, corporate subscribers and […]

An Update on the DMCA

Last May I posted — in an article titled “Challenging DMCA Conventional Wisdom” — about a creative, but seemingly futile, effort by RealNetworks to plead its way around the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for yet another variant of DVD-ripping software. Well I missed the conclusion. In mid-August a federal court in San Jose (the Northern […]

Betting Against Technology

Yes, it is manifestly true that, led by the iPhone, of course, wireless Internet-enabled devices are chewing up bandwidth on 3G and other cellular networks at an unprecedented rate. But is that really a crisis? FCC Chairman Warns of “Looming Spectrum Crisis” for Wireless Devices.

I’ve got a lot of respect for Julius Genachowski. But […]

Them Bones are Made for Walking

The Führer’s still dead, or is he? Tests on Skull Fragment Cast Doubt on Adolf Hitler Suicide Story [The Observer] . Sixty-four years later, the world remains in the dark about what really happened in Adolph Hitler’s bunker on April 30, 1945. And it appears that, just as with the JFK assassination, the Soviets are […]