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The Law of Social Media (Part IV)

[Part I of this series of essays can be found at this permalink, Part II at this permalink and Part III at this permalink].

4. Old Wine In New Bottles

I just posted the presentation slides from my keynote speech at the SociaLex 2010 conference. Titled “Where (What) Is the Law of Social Media?,” the […]

Sizing Up the FCC’s Controversial “National Broadband Plan”

Earlier this week, one month after originally scheduled and following a year of study based on more than 30 requests for public comment — generating some 23,000 comments totaling about 74,000 pages from more than 700 parties — the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a 360-page report to Congress on broadband Internet access services. The […]

Nothing’s “Fundamental”

Study Reports Americans Believe Internet Access Is a “Fundamental Right” [PCMagazine].

But in the United States, our political system does not even make food, shelter and clothing fundamental citizen (let alone human) rights. So where does anyone get off suggesting Congress or the FCC should declare that the Internet is something more important than the […]