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Penn State Shattered, Rightfully

For decades Penn State football fans claimed their program was different, better and purer than others-a model for all college sports. Not anymore. […]

Business Disruption Begets Legal Disruption

When industries are transformed by disruptive new technologies and business models, the law itself can be in for a game-changing, forced makeover. […]

Twitter Digest For Week of 07-02-2012

Twitterstream from LexDigerati for week of 07-02-2012 […]

All’s Fair In Love And Viral Videos

Comedy Central’s South Park has opened the door for “fair use” copyright defenses to shut down infringement lawsuits before they saddle defendants with discovery expenses or force a settlement for cost reasons. […]

Twitter And the FTC: Myopia One Year Later

One year ago, the Wall Street Journal and other business publications reported that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had launched an investigation into “Twitter and the way it deals with the companies building applications and services for its platform.” Let’s hope the FTC’s 2011 Twitter investigation is mothballed in 2012. […]

Not Too Big To Fail

Dewey & LeBoeuf is the biggest AmLaw 200 firm to collapse, but its not the only one. Here are 10 other law firm failures that made news in their day. […]

Twitter Digest For Week of 06-25-2012

Twitterstream from LexDigerati for week of 06-25-2012 […]