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Show Me the Money, Er Data

NFC and competing technologies are revolutionizing mobile payment processing, but the driver of change is not what many would expect. […]

Moment of Truth

Google faces a moment of truth in the coming weeks over a lengthy US probe into potential abuse of its Internet search dominance. […]

FTC Overreaching And A Commentary Bitch-Slap

The current pas de deux between politicians and commentators over whether the FTC should sue Google under the antitrust laws may not be right, but is completely unexceptional in Washington, DC. […]

Why An FTC Case Against Google Is A Really Bad Idea (Part V)

With some educated guesses, knowledgeable observers can assess whether an FTC prosecution of Google would succeed. Others may (and do) differ, but this author believes an FTC monopolization case — or a “pure” Section 5 case — against Google would be a really bad idea. […]

Why An FTC Case Against Google Is A Really Bad Idea (Part IV)

Tthe operative question remains whether whatever Google is charged with having done, or may do in the future, respecting its display of Web search results should be considered exclusionary conduct for antitrust purposes. For me the answer to date is a resounding “No.” […]

Why An FTC Case Against Google Is A Really Bad Idea (Part III)

[This series of posts dissects the threatened FTC antitrust case against Google and concludes that a monopolization prosecution by the federal government would be a very bad idea. We divide the topic into five parts, one policy and four legal. Check out Part I and Part II.]

Antitrust law is characterized by rigorous, fact-intensive analysis, […]

Should the FTC Sue Google Over Search?

Last week I participated in a “parliamentary” debate, sponsored by TechFreedom, on the Federal Trade Commission’s anticipated lawsuit against Google for monopolization. The dialog is interesting, if I say so myself!! […]