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Tech Tuesday: Litigation, Legislation and Regulatory Protectionism

The legal process is increasingly being used by incumbent industries to thwart change with that ancient mantra of obsolescent businesses, “consumer protection.” […]

Cybersecurity & Antitrust

Recently the United States federal antitrust enforcement agencies — the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division — issued a joint policy statement designed to “make it clear that they do not believe that antitrust is, or should be, a roadblock to legitimate cybersecurity information sharing.” The release made headlines globally, but the […]

Rockstar’s Patent Trolling Conspiracy

The collective assembly of a patent war chest by the oddly named Rockstar Consortium — all of the otherwise competing rivals of Google in the wireless OS space — smacks of a horizontal conspiracy to raise rivals costs. […]

Four Reasons Fairsearch Is Wrong

At DisCo we’ve been discussing the FTC and EU investigations of Google’s search practices for more than two years. The latest FairSearch contentions represent a transparent attempt to forestall resolution of the European process, moving the goalposts in light of the failure of their dire competitive predictions. It is time for Commissioner Almunia and the EU to close up shop, settle and move on. […]