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Blaming the Dead

I almost forgot about this little FBI fiasco from last week. Seems as if, seven years later, our wonderous federal forensic cops finally fingered the culprit in those Anthrax mail attacks against the Senate. Problem is, the perp committed suicide weeks ago. So the FBI’s “case” basically amounts to assertions that Bruce Ivins, a scientist with access to anthrax samples, could not “credibly” explain an alibi. F.B.I. Details Anthrax Case, but Doubts Remain [NYTimes.com].

No shit, “doubts” remain. Remember Richard Jewell from Atlanta, hounded mercilessly after being accused of the ‘96 Olympic bombings? He nearly bought the farm and was clearly innocent. The FBI’s disclaimer that “the many mysteries of the case meant an air of uncertainty would always surround it” is too little, too late. If American law enforcement can only solve cases years later by blaming dead guys, we as a society have mucho problemas.

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