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Tech Policy

cubesTechnology policy is one of the more provocative areas of Glenn’s practice, as it frequently involves politically charged issues like privacy. He has represented Web, software and IT clients for more than two decades in such areas as domain name competition and cybersquatting, privacy and IT security, including the Health Information Privacy & Portability Act (HIPPA) and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB), export of high-performance computing equipment (HPC), disability access, universal design, copyright, fair use, the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act (CFAA) and the CAN-SPAM Act. Glenn has also represented numerous Web-based ventures and start-ups on trademark and IP, authentication, acceptable use, commercial email, IPTV and cloud computing issues.

Tech policy changes rapidly but certain common principles remain constant, such as a preference for market-based solutions, avoidance of government restraints on innovation, and the need for open markets. As globalization accelerates — driven by convergence, the “death of distance” and outsourcing —these quintessentially American values are being challenged by a new order led by the European Union. Where this ends up will depend, in large part, on how engaged the Silicon Valley and the technology industry are in the the process and how committed, colectively, those communities are to the outcome.