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Twitter’s Still a Revolutionary Technology

Saudi Arabians will now need a governmental license to post on Twitter.

TechCrunch reports that the Saudi royal family has decreed that Tweets must pass government approval. That’s a reaction to June 2009′s so-called “Green Revolution” in Iran, where Twitter became an instrument for crowd-sourced demonstrations and altering Western media to repression.


Andrew Keen says that Twitter is inconsequential politically. The House of Saud and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad most definitely disagree. So do I. Social Media, Freedom & Revolution | Fear & Loathing.

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Iran May Not Be Like Poland, the Philippines and Ukraine

Pat Oliphant’s editorial cartoon today captures the disconnect between global geopolitics and the people-powered “almost revolution” going on in Iran these days. Diplomacy and NGOs like the United Nations will remain basically unchanged no matter what. Sadly true. I am afraid the demonstrators are on their own and it seems a vicious crack-down is coming soon.

Pat Oliphant 23 June 20009

Pat Oliphant 23 June 20009

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Face of a Social Media-Powered Revolution?

This weekend’s events in Iran were stirring, scary and historic. More about the impact of social media and technology later, but for now just look at this near real-time photo posted via TwitPic from Tehran as of Monday afternoon. It has all the qualities to become an iconic image of these protests and what increasingly appears to be evolving before the world’s eyes — not on major television or newspaper media, which are largely repeating posts from the Twittersphere —into either a popular revolution or prelude to a massive and violent crack-down by the clerics.

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