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Cover of the Rolling Stone (Not)

My photo from Sunday’s Washington Redskins’ game made the cover of Flipboard. Wow, you say? Not really. See, Flipboard is an iPad app — created by a team led by former Tellme CEO and client Mike McCue — that dynamically creates a magazine layout of all your social media connections and posts.

Still, it’s rare that any specific user’s Tweets appear on the cover page. So this is not quite like that corny 1970s song by Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show chosen as the title here. But NOT bad, not bad at all!

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Face of a Social Media-Powered Revolution?

This weekend’s events in Iran were stirring, scary and historic. More about the impact of social media and technology later, but for now just look at this near real-time photo posted via TwitPic from Tehran as of Monday afternoon. It has all the qualities to become an iconic image of these protests and what increasingly appears to be evolving before the world’s eyes — not on major television or newspaper media, which are largely repeating posts from the Twittersphere —into either a popular revolution or prelude to a massive and violent crack-down by the clerics.

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