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  • February 16: Death Spiral for Obamacare Death Spiral: Humana Completely Abandoning Obamacare Marketplaces After 2017 - Guy Benson   Have not posted to this blog in so long, I'm not sure if I can still do it. ? [Read full post...]
  • March 30: How Seb Won After qualifying behind Lewis Hamilton in wet conditions at Sepang on Saturday, Sebastian Vettel thought victory in the 2015 Malaysian Grand Prix was possible, but suggested that more rain on [Read full post...]
  • January 4: Radial Head Fracture So I stumbled off the steps to my driveway on the morning of New Year's Day and broke my elbow — actually a closed fracture of the radial end. Ouch. [Read full post...]
  • January 1: Winter Classic Heading to Nationals Park on this New Year's Day for the NHL Winter Classic. Watching from the Troutman Sanders suite (Jefferson 62). Except there's a risk of sun delay! Check out [Read full post...]
  • December 28: Perspectives On Football Brought my Canon telephoto to the Cowboys-Redskins game today. Here are some of the best shots. They reveal, I think, that football is exciting even when it's not.  
  • December 19: 5 Reasons Sony Pictures Will Be a Cybersecurity Inflection Point Everyone by now has heard the rhetoric, foreign policy debate and Hollywood gossip surrounding the massive data breach at Sony Pictures Entertainment, reportedly engineered by the government of North Korea. [Read full post...]
  • December 6: Staring At Their Hands I've often noted that in our digital era, public speaking is much easier because the audience is watching a PowerPoint display or looking at their smartphones. Apparently that's just as [Read full post...]
  • November 30: Mahi Mahi Wonderful fishing charter over the Thanksgiving holiday from Riviera Beach, Florida on Vamos II with Capt. Don Van Epp. My son Allan and niece Kaitlyn caught a beautiful mahi mahi [Read full post...]

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