After a week of battling hackers, a distributed denial of service attack and the cancellation of its hosting contract by Akami, the Arab satellite news network Al-Jazeera has finally gotten its english-language Web site back up.

This is really offensive. Not their coverage, which may or may not be accurate, but rather that hackers — surely Americans — would use their technology skills to prevent other Americans from getting news and information with other viewpoints from around the globe. We live in a pluralistic world, and whether you agree with the Iraq War or not, all Americans should decry any attempt to restrict the ability of our citizens to have free access to news and information on the Internet from any media source worldwide. Yet in spite of being mostly knocked offline, the Al Jazeera Web site of was among the most sought-after last week. So there is some intelligence in the universe after all!

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17 thoughts on “ Back Up

  1. I am glad that the english version of al jazeera is temporarily back up. It is about time people of the world witness other viewpoints of our destruction. For those of you who oppose this site must have a lot of fear. The fear is that you don’t want to know the truth. The truth about how governments lie, how they use western mainstream media as a tool to fool each and everyone of us. I personally have stopped paying for cable because I am tired of the lack of diversity and the fabricated news used to fool us all. Did you think about Hollywood movies these days and how computer animation can portray just about anything the human mind could imagine. Think of how easy it would be to fabricate images and pay reporters money to lie to us. Our troops are not protecting us and our freedom but rather protecting the administration, their private investments and investors. So for those of you who oppose Liberal media, it is time that you educate yourselves and realize this: OUR GOVERNMENT HAS ALLOWED 911 TO HAPPEN SO THAT WE GIVE UP OUR FREEDOM AND LIBERTY FOR SECURITY WHICH WILL ALLOW HORRIBLE THINGS HAPPEN TO ALL OF US. MAINSTREAM MEDIA ARE ALL LIES. GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS AND BRING THEM HOME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. THANKS AL JAZEERA!!!

  2. Saddam Hussein was brought into power by people in the American Government, he was encouraged to attack kuwait by people in the American Government, they are many types of evil leaders, some openly brutalize their people others slowly but surely suck the life out of their people, which one of these is America. We are slowly loosing our freedoms here for protection against terrorism, terrorist who are poked and prodded into such evil behavior by people who forcefully push them into a corner and leave them no other known choice. In the end it is we the general population who suffer not the elite rich class that run American and render our votes useless.

  3. Wow.Once again the majority of Americans are confused and hate for Americans grow. But this is the plan to get foreingers to hate Americans to create a real enemy and justify war. I am still however grateful for the Americans who are not confused. Go to and you will see that the celebrating iraqi’s was a propaganda stunt, yes it was staged, yes it was a hoax also you can read an email sent by an iraqi that tells us what the real mature iraqi’s are thinking, saying etc.
    People please read, read for hours scour the web for information and read it, go to go see what intelligent Americans are doing to save this great country. Go to and see what intelligent Americans are saying what politically and civically concious people are saying, America is truly blessed but we have to wrestle it from the negative forces that are pulling it’s strings like a puppet

  4. I love the people of Iraq I would like to speak to them in person, I can’t cause I only know three words in Arabic so I am asking your net work to do it for me, please tell the looters who sack the National Meseum in Bagdad to please return those items, those artifact belong to the people of Iraq and not Sadam, they are robbing their children of their heretage, eaven Sadam hed the decency not to pilfer the ARTS OF Babylon, they must return those items, if those items make it to the west people will be killed trying to cheat each other out of the possession of those priceless works of arts,I say this to the looters In Iraq Don’t make a decent person out of Sadam by looting hospitals and the treasury, may Allah protect Iraq and comfort the victims of this war. may God give blessing to us all.
    owen,Canada,April 12 03.

  5. Let Americans and their sympathisers know that everything is out of their hands. The days they had monopoly of information are long gone and any one who thinks he/she can live in that past world is, to say the least, daydreaming. Americans be preapred to harvest what you have sawn…you will always be haunted by the truth…long live Al-Jazeera!

  6. Let Al-Jazeera speak–
    Only in a free world can we know ourselves through another’s eyes. We’re strong enough to look for a little truth from our enemies and be able to filter out the bias.
    Hackers are acting like monkeys with hands over eyes, and ears.
    Americans are smart enough to not need self-appointed censors.

  7. It is a true,now people trust the Al jazeera as a
    indipendend media.But today it seems you failed to cover about present situation of Iraq. Also join with your pain ,that the death of Tarek Ayub.

  8. [quote]Al-Jazeera drew intense interest from Web surfers after it carried Iraqi TV footage of dead and captive U.S. soldiers in Iraq[/quote]
    [quote]Yet in spite of being mostly knocked offline,[/quote]
    Any station that has such disrespect for human life as in that case should expect attempts directed towards it. I’m not surprised hackers were trying to knock the station off air.

  9. You claim to be a fair and balanced. Where is your coverage of the Iraqi citizens celebrating in the streets of Baghdad and Basra following the apparent fall of Saddam? Your “coverage” just hurts the TRUE Arabs, the little people, the silent majority. It is the loud mouth radicals that get all the publicity.

  10. Witness Iraqi citizens in Baghdad holding up a sign saying “Go Home Human Shields – You U.S. Wankers”. More proof that Aljazeera spread pernicious lies about the true Iraqi senitiment to further its own agenda. It seems those people evidently wanted the concerned citizens of the world to stay out of the way of the so called “baby killers”. Of course I’m sure that Aljazeera will say this was “put up”. Aljazeera would likely have a place for the Iraqi Information Minister on its staff, as the network’s and the minister’s concept of truth is equally as warped. Both are proved to be laughing stocks with zero credibility by thinking persons. Though I’m sure they’ll still be able to push their tripe on the ignorant and continue to thrive on hatred. Go find another true baby killing regime to support Aljazeera!

  11. Hey, I am NOT Fear & Loathing is just one American commenting on stuff. So don’t ask me why Al-Jazeera’s coverage is or is not fair, because I have nothing to do with it!! But it’s plain that the Al-Jazeera story has hit a nerve. And you should note today’s entry discussing the take down of Saddam’s statute(s) in Baghdad.

  12. i guess to some people, it is more important that arabs are slaughtered by the 100’s of thousands by an arab dictator, that appears to be hated in his own country, than it is that a non arab accidentally kills some attempting to liberate the majority. It is crazy that arabs will not say one word about saddam killing his own people in such numbers, except, of course those that have had to live with it, and they are the happiest people in the world that the USA is there.

  13. As an Arab, I find aljazeera’s covering of the war against the Iraqi people appealing to my sentiment. All other western probaganda, especially CNN the mouthpiece of the Pentagon, is just disguting triumphalism.
    Now the Arabs will no longer rely on the lies of the CNN and its ilks for information about how they die in the streets of their own capitals!
    Have a dood day1

  14. If your idea of viewpoints are pictures of American POW’s and a pile of propaganda for the Iraqi government, I would agree. It is very obvious that al-jazeera has made a point of imflaming anti-american sentiment around the world. As a computer programmer myself, I want to congratulate the people that took the site down. Nice work!!

  15. Sirs,
    As you claim to be a fair and balanced network, where is your coverage of the jubilation of Iraqi citizens following the apparent fall of Saddam? I see only that the Americans are consolidating control of the capital (next to the picture of an injured young girl…)

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