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No Drugs For the Defense

postedPosted in Lawyers, Guns & Money, Rants on May 28th, 2013 by glennm

Seems probative to me. Do not understand the court’s decision to exclude reference to this evidence in opening statements.

Trayvon Martin Drug Photos Can’t Be Mentioned, Says Judge | ABC News.


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A Real Mickey Mouse

postedPosted in Business, Cyberspace, Tech Bytes on February 8th, 2004 by glennm

“[I]t’s no secret that Apple is running circles around Microsoft when it comes to pushing the digital entertainment envelope.” So the news that Disney — after having been jilted by Steve Jobs’ Pixar animation studios (of Finding Nemo fame) — has now cut a deal with Microsoft to “improve the quality and security of digital content which can be delivered to homes over the Internet” rings a little hollow. Sort of like two wallflowers dancing with themselves at the prom. They’re made for each other.

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Morrow Is Dead

postedPosted in Media Matters, Pop Art on January 6th, 2004 by glennm

When CBS paid Michael Jackson to do a fawning “60 Minutes” inteview, I commented that Edward R. Murrow must be turning over in his grave. Well now CBS is denying that it paid Jackson, apparently hiding behind the euphamism that having its entertainment division “sweeten” the deal for a prime-time special by $1M if Jackson did the 60 Minutes interview is not paying for the interview.

The network denied it made any payment to Jackson for an interview, but acknowledged it had negotiated an unspecified deal to air a Jackson entertainment special during the recent ratings sweeps period.

CBS Charges “Times” Printed “Colossal Lie” [].

“CBS shredded whatever remained of its news division’s ethical standards,” wrote Tim Rutten in the Los Angeles Times. “Checkbook journalism is a pretty dirty term, but it somehow seems inadequate to describe the arrangement. All that’s missing is a wire transfer to a numbered account in the Cayman Islands.” But again, a million dollars distributed from this budget or that budget doesn’t necessarily taint CBS or the, uh, venerable CBS News any more than they have already tainted themselves by simply serving as Jackson’s de facto marketing arm.
Maybe we should just all give up the pretense that there’s anything left to journalism today. Morrow is dead and buried. He’s never coming back.

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The Second Superpower — Googlewashing

postedPosted in Blogging, War In Iraq, Wonder Wonder on April 8th, 2003 by glennm

Is worldwide public opinion, or more precisely, a “Second Superpower,” wielding the power to make or break international foreign policy regarding the conduct of the Iraq war? In The Register, analyst Andrew Orlowski explains that is less important than how the phrase came into general use, and was transformed, almost overnight as a result of blogging and the virtually instantaneous transmission of global information made possible by the Internet.

Saying that what started out as an Orwellian reference from 1984 has been repurposed in just 42 days from an anti-war analysis (in the N.Y Times) into a politically-neutered description of the information commons, Orlowski concludes that this sort of “Googlewashing” is permitting a relatively small handful of bloggers to “disappear” information for the masses:

Although it took millions of people around the world to compel the Gray Lady to describe the anti-war movement as a “Second Superpower,” it took only a handful of webloggers to spin the alternative meaning to manufacture sufficient PageRank™ to flood Google with Moore’s alternative, neutered definition. Indeed, if you were wearing your Google-goggles, and the search engine was your primary view of the world, you would have a hard time believing that the phrase “Second Superpower” ever meant anything else. To all intents and purposes, the original meaning has been erased. Obliterated, in just seven weeks.

So, there you have it. Not only does Google allow people to get information more quickly than ever before, it also allows people to lose information more quickly than ever before!!

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postedPosted in Cyberspace, Media Matters, Politically Incorrect, Tech Bytes, War In Iraq on April 4th, 2003 by glennm

After a week of battling hackers, a distributed denial of service attack and the cancellation of its hosting contract by Akami, the Arab satellite news network Al-Jazeera has finally gotten its english-language Web site back up.

This is really offensive. Not their coverage, which may or may not be accurate, but rather that hackers — surely Americans — would use their technology skills to prevent other Americans from getting news and information with other viewpoints from around the globe. We live in a pluralistic world, and whether you agree with the Iraq War or not, all Americans should decry any attempt to restrict the ability of our citizens to have free access to news and information on the Internet from any media source worldwide. Yet in spite of being mostly knocked offline, the Al Jazeera Web site of was among the most sought-after last week. So there is some intelligence in the universe after all!

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