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  Glenn's Photo Gallery   A collection of my most prized photographs
  Multimedia Gallery   My newer photo collections, hosted by .Mac
  Slide Show   A QuickTime (3.5MB) slide show of my photos
  Skiing Action Photos   Powder hounds rejoice!
  Manishin Family Photos   Semi-vintage shots from our X-Mas cards
  More Family Photos   Cousins, grandmothers and more
  Thanksgiving '96 Collage   A wallpaper-size montage from our annual reunion (496K)
  Fear & Loathing is my personal weblog — a place for rants, raves and insights about the absolutely crazy world in which we live in. Debuting in March 2003, well before blogs had gone mainstream, this blog really defies categorization and is a relaxing, albeit sometimes controversial, pasttime. But I no longer live by the now-ancient maxim that "bloggers do it daily;" there is far more to life than the Web!!
  Manishin Family Tree   An overview of my genealogical research, dating back to circa 1830
  Family Tree Database   Indexed database of all family members, with Gedcom download
  Family History Overview   A brief family history, from the "Old World" to America
Formula One Auto Racing    
Formula One
Formula One Art & Genius is one of the pioneering non-commercial Web sites devoted to Grand Prix motor racing. First launched for the 1996 F1 season — with more than 410,000 visitors in its initial six years — this enthusiast-designed site is still the work of just one passionate F1 aficionado. Presently undergoing continuing renovations, F1A&G is an historical tribute to the passion, heroism, glory and tragedy that for nearly seven decades have made Formula One racing the world's greatest stage for drivers, their machines and the people who admire both.
Fantasy Football    
  Players Football League  
Before the current deluge of fantasy sports, there was my very own PFL. Re-live the glory!
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  Message from Glenn  
A personal welcome to Glenn's Web.