Old Faithful
  Old Faithful epitomizes for me the basic objective of travel. To see the world from a different perspective, and to walk in the misty shadow of countless generations who have gone before.”  


There is something about the human condition that compels us to move. From the earliest days of home sapiens in Africa to the era of today's contemporary mankind, we humans have an innate urge to wander, to roam, to travel beyond the horizon. Whether it's something deep in the recesses of our genetic code or something learned at the feet of parents, many of us share this wanderlust.

This travel journal — a work in progress, in evolution, so to speak — is a record of my personal journeys through our world over nearly four decades. Perhaps in my lifetime I will have the privilege to add new worlds, as yet undiscovered, to this log. But for now, it must suffice to record and remember the places I've been here on Earth.

Beauty and wonder surround us on all sides, if we take the time to look. Share with me on these pages some of the myriad delights of our small blue planet.

Copyright @ 2004, 2011 Glenn B. Manishin