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Is Social Media Making Corporate Web Sites Irrelevant?

This Mashable headline suggests, as devotees understand viscerally, that the Internet’s current social networking phenomenon is radically changing communications modes on the Net. Not only is email on the way out, but now the very existence of “static” Web sites is being questioned.

This is more than a question of style, I suggest. The real-time, one-to-many nature of social media communications, including the near-instantaneous (and highly personalized) responses generated by Facebook, Twitter and the like, is revolutionizing business. In my legal practice, there are already clients and potential clients who message me almost entirely via social media. Yes, there are risks involved, like privacy, but the time spent on social media sites rewards users by giving them a mode for interaction that is intergrated with their digital lifestyles.

So the answer to Mashable’s question is almost certainly “yes,” as far as brand-protection and CRM are involved. Obviously, Web sites will still be important for software updates, product downloads and the like. But more and more, business interactions with customers and vendors will likely be by status update or “social stream.”

Which raises perhaps an even more important question. Is “social media” plural? If so, the headline should read “Are social media….”

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Financial Scams are Not the Same As Nuremberg

Evil as he clearly is, Bernie Madoff’s crimes do not justify an international tribunal reserved historically for “crimes against humanity.” Lawyers Seek Global Forum to Handle Madoff Cases [Reuters].

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He’s Back? Go Away!

Had I noticed Bernie Ebbers, former WorldCom/MCI thief, seeking an 11th-hour pardon from the Bush Administration last week, I surely would have ranted. Ebbers Trying to Join the Bush Pardon Party [WSJ.com]. His sleaze never ends. Bernie was fairly convicted for some really serious financial crimes and deserves all the punishment he was handed. He absolutely ruined the life savings of scores of my friends, clients and colleagues from MCI by driving the company, and its stock price, into the ground. I for one hope he rots in prison.

Was It All a Joke at AOL?

SEC Probing More AOL Advertising Deals [TechNews.com]. The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating “millions of dollars of advertising deals” involving America Online that “go significantly beyond the scope of problems already disclosed” by AOL Time Warner Inc., sources familiar with the probe said yesterday. What this suggests is that even during the “bubble” years, AOL’s earnings were overstated by realizing revenue on Enron-like deals. They fooled a lot of folks into investing, particularly after the Time Warner merger. As the epitome of the “new economy,” AOL’s continuing accounting irregularities only underscore that there was not much real value to the “value propositions” these Internet-centric companies touted.

WorldCom is Dead

So Bernie’s fiasco is finally over. They’ve taken his ranch and now are mothballing his corporate name. It’s just a shame that the once-proud MCI brand will apply to the sad remnants of such a sordid band of scum. [Washington Business Journal]

WorldCom made it official Monday morning. It is dumping the WorldCom name and adopting MCI as its official corporate moniker. The Mississippi-based company is also officially relocating its corporate headquarters to Ashburn, Va.