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Them Bones are Made for Walking

The Führer’s still dead, or is he? Tests on Skull Fragment Cast Doubt on Adolf Hitler Suicide Story [The Observer] . Sixty-four years later, the world remains in the dark about what really happened in Adolph Hitler’s bunker on April 30, 1945. And it appears that, just as with the JFK assassination, the Soviets are in the middle of it, as they hid what are claimed to be Hitler’s bones, supposedly found burned outside his underground Berlin safe house, from the Allies until 2000. But the most interesting part is that DNA tests show the skull is from a female. If it’s not Eva Braun, then maybe Hitler was really a woman?

Financial Scams are Not the Same As Nuremberg

Evil as he clearly is, Bernie Madoff’s crimes do not justify an international tribunal reserved historically for “crimes against humanity.” Lawyers Seek Global Forum to Handle Madoff Cases [Reuters].

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Private Fetishes

Max Mosley, one of the two architects of modern Formula One racing, has won a judgment for invasion of privacy in British court against a tabloid newspaper that accused him of having a Nazi-themed orgy with hookers. Mosley was awarded a record £60,000 compensation after winning his privacy action against the News of the World, which had accused the 68-year-old son of 1930s Fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosley of taking part in a “sick Nazi orgy” with five prostitutes. Turns out, of course, that Max is just into heavy S&M. Max Mosley Case: How Girls Described Fetish Scene In Court [Sky News]. His defense was that he liked to do this, in private, and it was no one’s business.

Yeah, right:

Mr. Justice Eady, who sat straight-faced through a revelation that sessions sometimes involved a man dressed in a judge’s gown, heard that [the hooker’s] wardrobe included a nurse’s outfit, a maid’s outfit, a schoolgirl outfit, a peasant girl outfit and an army girl outfit. It is ironic that Mosley’s action for invasion of privacy had the effect of letting daylight in on what [another hooker] called “private experiences in private places.”

That’s not the only irony. Now Mosley’s private — and rather embarassing — peccadillos have been exposed for the whole world to see. The tabloids are having a field day! Max Mosley Case: Inside the Hidden World of the Women Who Cane ‘Little Boys’ for Cash [Mail Online]. And among others, three-time F1 world champion Jackie Stewart said today that Mosley must step down. He may not be a Nazi, but little Maxie’s days in motorports are clearly numbered.