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This is Really Disturbing

The offense happened two years ago, but the consequences are only now becoming reality. Ex-Judge Disbarred for Using Penis Pump During Trials [ABA Journal]. The judge, who entertained himself while presiding over capital murder prosecutions, saw his pneumatic proceedings came to an end after a police officer heard the pump’s distinctive signature during a case, and photographed the device during a recess. This is not just what lawyers call a “crime involving moral turpitude,” it’s revolting. (Does it run in the profession? See Cross-Dressing Bankruptcy Judge Lands at Boston Law Firm [ABA Journal]). Humans are sexual beings, but there is indeed a time and a place for everything, including penis pumps. Just ask Austin Powers.

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  • I am not sure about this one, after purchasing the fleshlight wonderwave that I saw on the site fleshjack.org I can’t see how any other male sex toys can beat it – and that is after trying other good sex toys like the Tenga Flip Hole. But I have to say almost none of these sex toys can equal a fleshlight – No question about it,, it kicks the shit out of most other sex toys for men!

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