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Internet Law

cubes“The Internet changes everything” was a common refrain during the late 1990s dot.com bubble.  While that is surely true — witness retailing, photography, music and numerous other areas where the transformative power of the Web has radically changed how people work, play and interact — in legal terms the changes have been more evolutionary than revolutionary.

Glenn has been there from day one of Web 1.0 and before.  Glenn spent years representing MCI and a variety of other telcom companies in connection with electronic mail, wireless communications and network interconnection.  These principles (and business executives) formed the core of the commercial Internet that was unleashed in 1994. He represented Web pioneer Netscape Communications in the first FCC proceedings related to classification and regulation of the Internet and in defense of the first-ever antitrust lawsuit about the Internet “market.”  Glenn played a major role in the encryption, domain name competition and cyberquatting issues that dominated the early days of the Web.

Since then, Glenn has continued a substantial professional focus on Internet law matters.  He has best-of-breed expertise in connection with the legal and policy issues associated with VoIP, SaaS, APIs, IPTV and social media, among other areas.  He has worked on recurring Internet law issues such as privacy, IT security and patent reform for years.  What distinguishes Glenn most is his ability to harmonize business strategy with legal tactics while keeping a close eye on the moving target of legal precedent. which in the area of Internet law changes almost as fast as it can be written!